Good Morning, Albany

1794724_683456038360104_554352672_nWe got out of Maine a few hours later than we’d hoped yesterday- a client emergency the night before cut into our prep time. With the amount of traveling we do, there’s nothing new or different about packing for a trip, but when you’re leaving home for 4 months, everything feels much more important.

Once we hit the road, I immediately became sick to my stomach– the trailer was bucking and pulling and swaying, and I immediately reconsidered every decision we’ve made regarding this crazy adventure. When we made it to the rest stop in Kennebunk, Maine, I was sore and felt like I’d been beat up. It turns out that your trailer brake controller needs to be “tuned” to your vehicle– you can set the level of braking, and our had been turned up to max– so every time I would tap on the brakes in the car, it would slam on the brakes in the trailer. Whoops.

Interesting fact: I’m pretty sure our that the designer of our trailer brake controller is a huge spinal tap fan, because the highest setting is 11!

1617998_683625941676447_1898017503_oWe ended up driving until about 9pm last night, started getting tired, used the Allstays iPad app to find a WalMart and within 5 minutes had set up camp for the night and we were in our “house” with slippers on watching TV and having a beer. Beats a hotel hands down!

Average gas mileage for day one: 11mpg

Lessons learned:

  • Traffic is stressful
  • Extended mirrors are lifesavers
  • Set your brake controller level
  • Take a deep breath or two
  • Some truckers are assholes, and some aren’t

We’re off this morning to head toward Ohio– looking forward to meeting Jeff Chandler from this evening!

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