When it rains…

The last couple of days have been a series of challenges:

  • When we hitched up to leave Albany, our trailer brake controller (the wireless Tekonsha Prodigy RF) couldn’t make a connection. Not wanting to hit the highway and hoping it would resolve itself after a few minutes, we spent 6 hours on side roads between Albany and Syracuse (only 144 miles apart), before pulling in to Burdick RV, where the extremely helpful service tech figured out that it was a blown fuse.
  • We then hauled ass, hitting the highway and making it to Ashland, Ohio that night. We set up camp in the WalMart parking lot, got in to bed completely exhausted, turned on Seth Myers and started to relax. After about 20 minutes, the audio on the tv goes *POP* and starts smelling, we turn on the overhead lights, and everything gets very dim. So I break out the voltmeter and discover that our “house” batteries are almost completely dead, which is odd because your camper is supposed to trickle charge while you drive. We have just enough power to bring our slide in, and we pile back in the car and head to the Super 8 hotel.
  • 1795694_673193012718911_1782806174_nWhen we get to the hotel, I notice that our bikes (which are on a rack mounted to a receiver bolted to the rear bumper) are sagging nearly to the asphalt. Upon closer inspection, it turns out that the bumper has broken off of its welds, and is barely hanging on. Thankfully this happened in a hotel parking lot and not on the highway, throwing our bikes into traffic! The awesome guys at Harris Welding in Ashland dropped everything to get us fixed up– they reenforced the bumper, and we were off to the races (after a 2 hour delay)
  • On top of everything, it’s been bitterly cold and incredibly windy. The wind blows you around on the highway, making for white-knuckle driving, and the cold has caused everything in the trailer to freeze solidly. Needless to say, we can’t wait to get into the South!

Thankfully, though, we’ve made it to baseball heaven, and I’m excited for WordCamp St. Louis tomorrow!

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  1. Hey Guys it’s Dick,

    In my experience my truck would not charge up the deep cycle battery in my camper; my mechanic confirmed it just wasn’t going to happen. Had to run the generator or be plugged in and the built in battery charger would charge it. I added a second battery to the system. Heaters running at night are a big drain on battery.

    You’ve had an eventful couple of days. It will get better and Warmer.

    Looking forward to seeing you here next week. Hang in there.



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